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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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So this is short but sweet but in on phone. Xxx

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Really need your help......

I know this is awful shameless spamming, but this is MY blog after all .I really need your help after years of suffering with anxiety and depression holding me back now its my time to have some fun please visit this link
 And press like on my pic Its been my dream albeit a common one to dress up and be a model, admittedly I hate voting comps like this as its done by popularity and basically how many friends you have. but still couldn't resist this one. I love this era when women got to dress so  gorgeous! now theres a lot of real pro model looking types that have  big fan base and they've been up on the list for days I've just gone today, just an ordinary gal who wants to have some fun, nothing more. So please help me fulfil a little dream and get me through o the next round and maybe share this with your friends too?????????
Thank you for reading