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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not just a pile of old doors!!!

So in my house crammed full of boys I've decided I need some where to go before the twitch in my eye turns into a whole body jolt, some where to shut my eyes and not fear that something will shoved up my nose, somewhere to sit and pretend I'm normal for just a few minutes, when I talk like this it always reminds me of that book " Five minutes peace" By Gill Murphy , The classic bit of them all just getting in the bath with Mrs large in the end hahahaha! Any way on  day I was feeling particularly jittery I came across a pic of a recycled little creation made from old interior doors, it was a facebook page

Its a fab page with lovely and innovative recycling ideas. I new we had the doors lying around now my task was to convince my husband to make a frame and build it after all I only wanted to do the pretty bit. Lots of swearing later it was created and following a morning of painting in my bra rather sheepishly awaiting the desperate rush to throw my top back on as the postman arrived, I must add it was hot and thats why the urge to paint in my bra arose and I do not just have some strange fetish.

This my friends Is my  cosy garden nook or posh bus shelter as my husband likes to call it, you decide!

A glass of wine and Fifty shades of grey? Or a teacup and saucer and The beautiful homes magazine? hmmmmmm decisions, decisions !!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

Struggling here.......

HI everyone, long time no post! To be honest the daily life is very stressful at them moment and am surprsied I'm even able to type as my hands shake with uncontrollable nerves, teenegers and toddlers in one house who copes? one long battle like the scene at the end of Narnia but with less hooved half human half beast characters although maybe if I morphed into such a thing people might stating to take some notice of me

The trouble is I now feel like I'm beginning to join them- throwing tantrums over small things like when the bread doesn't fit in the toaster " grrrr get in your stupid bread.. why won't it fit in....... will someone get this bloody bread in the toaster!!!!!!! oh I don't want it anymore, leaving bread now looking like someone has tried to make origami out of it- on side and turning round to everyone in the family staring at you in disbelief , with arms crossed I stomp off to find something less challenging to do like facebook the place you argue with your teenage son everyday about living his life inside but If you were to be honest its only because he's hogging the computer and you really want to check how many notifications you have as seeing him log in and always having 45 flashing red notifications is leaving you slighly envious. The truth of is I've had enough Of getting the blame for everything from not having clean pants to how awful England played last night- I've had enough of...poo, pants, boys, men,housework gardening,dirty washing, clean washing, dogs, dog hair, toilets, arguements, jibber jabber, jermey kyle, viagra emails, rain, lack of warmth, no privacy , never eating a whole anything to myself, no sleep, moaning oh and did I mention Boys and men.... Rant over!
I apologise for my lack of punctuation  and for the fact that your now blue in the face after reading this, I hope to be back soon with teenage angst and thats just from me.....