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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cupcakes to whoopie pies

Hi there, today I'm celebrating being with my lovely if not a bit grumpy man, The man that was once a slim rather forgiving boy with a twinkle in his eye which has now been replaced by a belly that any pregnant lady would be proud of, who only forgives me if I promise to be the one to change the next nappy and with not so much as a twinkle in his eye rather than a flashing beacon reminding me that he's due a promise!The hug that use to linger  is now rather brief and always includes a fondle of the places that use to resemble cupcakes but now more like whoopie pies! NO joking aside he is still sweet in lots of ways, he still runs me a bath.... because I don't do that right, he puts the new loo roll on..because I don't do that right. He washes up...because yep you've guessed it i don't do that right either, I'm unsure at what point daily life became such a competition you know how your desperate for them to help but humph! they never do like you do it, the sane part of you should be over joyed that your loving husband put the shopping away, but for goodness sake doesn't he know that butter hates being on the same shelf as the tomatoes and that the asparagus feels intimidated by the broccoli .

You ask him to dress the baby and then frown at his choice of the shirt thats two sizes too small and that his socks don't match his jumper.

 But heys lifes good and I love that boy thats now a man, I miss his twinkle and but am rather use to the flashing beacon now!

Monday, January 30, 2012

When did the boy turn into this man?......

Do you remember doing this???

Do you remember moments like these?

I was a quiet girl tomorrow twenty years ago
with a head full of worries and a heart full of woe
Life was not the adventure that it promised to be
no fairies or  fairy tale or  an enchanted tree
there was no secret seven or famous five
and nor was it worth waiting for your prince to arrive
Home life was troubled and my heart was weighed down
and a instead of a tiara I wore a frown
 I went to school just doing what I had to do
no balls to attend no pumpkins or glass shoe
until the day I noticed his glance
this my time this my chance
something developed, blossomed and bloomed
my heart didn't tick it boom boom boomed
who would have know that twenty years on
This fairy tale would still be going strong
but I was no princess but an ordinary girl
who met just a boy no Prince,knight or Earl
and now an adventure had truly began
but when did the boy become this man?

Twenty years later!....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

feeling like this!

 Sleep Fairy
Yor body aches and your feet are tired

The sleep fairies are well and truely hired

to rub your feet and sooth your head
Plump up your pillows and turn down your bed

prepare your dreams and starlight the sky

close your eyes with a contented sigh
skip, flit and fly fairy your work here is done
assemble the moon and pack up the sun

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I love these eyes......

I love these eyes!

A story to be told without words and sound
beautiful, big, brown and round
no mouth but i see his joy
the happy eyes of my lovely boy
not always tears but I see you're sad
eyes remember the dreams you've had
they look confused that you can't hide
his eyes tell the story of the boy inside.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Tracy, who?

How many of you have experienced this........ willoughby, Elliot and I went for a little stroll, willoughby guiding us while trailing his new rat friend that he randomly named Hedgehog

 to the church a favorite place of his to visit as he excitedly whispers in a loud way "mummy we must be quiet" and then our usual rest on the bench to eat a snack that willoughby just rely s that I'll magically produce as all mummies are expected to do, while we sit a lady who I hadn't seen for a while a lady whos daughter I went to school with and who at the time I'm sure referred to me as a bad influence even though it was her daughter who pulled my pig tails and made me paint her pet dogs toe nails- any way she approached mumbling hello to me at least i think it was me she was saying helllo to one can't be sure, she went on to talk to my children in way that normally an old annoying auntie normally talks " oooooh hasn't he grown" even though you can't remember the last time she saw him was, she then goes on to tell you things about her family and you feel forced to listen and smile appropriately. You talk through your children in the hope that they say "mummy I want to go home" and therefore excusing you from the forced conversion,
 I shuffle towards the church gate......

And then this happens...she introduces me to her man friend or so she endearingly refers to him as, this is my friend Graham , graham this is Tracy.... Tracy???????? Now I don't know whether you know but my name is in fact Shelley, it was one of those moments when you feel like saying "excuse me what ever your name is, that isn't my name, I'm not your friend or in fact was never really friends with your daughter ,who by the way was a right cow and you don't know my children and I hate that bloody awful jumper your wearing "but instead you say "lovely to see you" - hide your smirk and carry on on your way having enjoyed a snack on a bench by the church on a winters afternoon.


HI there, Don't you love those moments like I had today when everything feels just right? the washing is getting done,when you look in the fridge dinner ideas shout at you instead of a moldy old carrot saying rescue me- marry me up with that suspect looking other veg and that half of tub of  you don't know what to do with creme fraiche.. Your hair looks kind of decent at the very best clean, you've manged to clean the toilet which means  at least once theres a small chance of not sitting on a toilet seat sprinkled with urine and your teenage son has his first girlfriend waiiiiiiiittttttt yep thats right my  14 year old son Bailey has a girl friend eeeeekkkkkk!

This was the first poem I wrote for Andrew my husband when we were young  and inl ove at the very same school that Bailey is in now!

My heart missed a beat at every galnce
I didn't want to blink incase I missed my chance
I imagined his sofe skin against mine
one wish, one dream I'm running out of time
I want to hold his hand tight 
and love him with all my heart felt might
my eyelashes fluttered around his
like two lovebirds in a confused tis
I walked forward, glanced back
i'm so confused my heart under attack
I need him, want his love
set it free like a captured dove
yes he's the one for me
I've got the lock he must have the key
and through the clearing mist 
its not hard to see
he's got the love thats meant for me.

I clearly remember writing this and nervously giving this to Andrew and then rushing away, I remember watching him reading it form afar and  fondly listen as he recalls this reduced him to tears, Just 15 and me 16 and already we'd found someone whom we'd grow up with .

Friday, January 20, 2012

How long left...?

Ok theres no denying it I'm getting greyer by the day and we all know that unless your name is Phillip schofield, a dapple grey pony or the little grey rabbit that  Beatrix potter has tenderly sketched then this is not a good look, problem with this is  having always had an anxiety related to health matters I'd always presume that I would be the one where my face would swell up or that my head would fall off and then of course how would I call for help? So would buy the lovely boxes containing a new beautiful look promising to make you look like  Davina McCall  i'd get all the neat little packages out line them up and they'd laugh at me as I read the Warnings especially written for me! Humph put it all back in the box and promise yourself that tomorrow would be better, Grrrrrrrr I have to be brave after all everyone's always says don't be dramatic Shelley It won't happen to you..... like that makes sense... so today is the day I'm going out in 45 minutes and all I can hear in my somewhat twitchy mind is My sister saying "I knew you wouldn't do it" so I force the black attractive rubber gloves on to my sweaty palms and spend the next thirty mintues with my hair covered in foam looking like an oversized icecream cone, screaming eeeekkk its itchy... can I take it off yet? How long left? and my husband Andrew now treating me like one of our children and Me actually feeling like one of the children except there's no way I'd let them drink wine, dye their hair while shaving their legs wearing black rubber gloves! Cutting it short by 5 minutes  as the uncontrollable itching and neurotic twitching has become unbearable , phew yes lets get this stuff off as I'm sure my throats started to itch now. Well I've survived and am now alovely shade of cherry brown well at least my hair is, and I know that in a few weeks time I will go through the whole bloody thing again!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Funny and cute things they say.........

I thought it would be nice to keep a page for all the lovely and funny things the boys say......

18th January 2012....  Willoughby said "The boy is crying, *screwed up sad face "he crying beautiful tears!"

22nd January 2012..... I asked Willoughby who are you going to play with at toddlers tomorrow?....
Willoughby replied " Jack frost" Tee Hee !

26th January 2012...While tiding the lounge I asked Willoughby "where did all this mess come from"? willoughby answered  "Africa"   hahahaha!!!!!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So many disguises ....

Rainy days and painted faces.......

Butterflies on toddlers that just won't sit still
A tickly nose and then a smudge is no big deal
A dog with black patches and a his name is dude
a big red tongue sticks not meaning to be rude
Then there's a tiger with a scary frown
and all nose and smile is Alfie the clown!


The gallery- phone photo

Ok Im taking part in The gallery it sounds like fun and this week the prompt is phone photo

This is one I've chosen- taken Of my little niece Tilly laying on the fresh green grass of spring, Lovely!

I can't wait for spring!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Together we must face the world

Together we must face the world!

I held him close feeling his pain
his tears poured like emotional rain
falling with sadness soaking into my skin
feeling his heart pound deep within
my baby is a baby no more
but this emotion leaves a boy so sore
he reaches out I hold him tight
I see the baby I once knew tonight
He wears a mask of teenage years
but no boundaries have these fearful tears
and in his mothers arms he's curled
together we must face the world!

He shook in my arms.....

It was relatively early in the evening the house was calm, the house was still, we drifted into an innocent sleep, unbeknownst to us that night was about to turn so desperately needy, it was about to test our parenting  skills to the limits, we were awaken by cries of "mum, "mum" and a desperate sobbing, the kind that you know something is needed of you but you're just not sure of what magnitude , I sat bolt up right with my heart pounding, " what is it Bailey? what is it?" He stood clinging on to the door frame reluctant to enter our room, I fumble for a lighter to light the candle as the somewhat gentle glow still had the power to force your eyes shut, I beckoned him to me and he fell into my arms sobbing uncontrollably while muttering but the sobbing muffled his words and his tears ran on to my skin , He shook in my arms, I haven't held Bailey like this since he was a small boy, it was like holding a stranger, his body felt so big in my arms but he sobbed like the small boy he still was behind the masquerade of the teenager. A friend of his had entrusted him with something by text that you could only be seen as  cruel , as It was something a young boy doesn't have the capacity to deal with, something that scared him beyond words, this girl is obviously very troubled and needed help , but now we faced the consequence of her actions, my little boy crumbled in a heap in my arms with the whole weight of the world on his shoulders, I just wanted to take it away, as I rubbed his back and told him everything was ok.

We guided him through some messages to the friend, he really had turned in the little boy I once knew before our eyes, vulnerably drinking his sweet warm milk, I'm stunned of the the things that have just happen and felt this over whelming urge to just shake my head in disbelief.
I took Baileys phone from him and said go try and get some sleep, never really believing with such a heavy heart how was he to sleep but hoping that we'd eased it enough for him to feel ok, he turned to us as he left and said " thank you for comforting me" My eyes clouded over with tears, what did he believe we would do? to comfort him was what I was here to do, to protect him from harm, if he'd only let me most of the time.

This morning everything went by as normal, the normal hustle and bustle of a school morning,  but the events of the night had left me numb and overwhelmed, the responsibly was to much to bare, I seeked the help and advice of a friend, he quite rightly told us what we should do in his opinion  and this rang true, we dealt with what we needed to do, Although our actions are correct, i do hope that everything will now be ok.

 Bailey is truly an amazing young man and I am very proud of him, and as with all our children we will face the world with him.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

I hope........

lots of sparkly love.

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Perfectly cooked

Steamed some content, poured a glass of chilled,
roasted some happiness delicately peeled
chopped and boiled the calm and relaxed
turned the heat up to the max
pulled out a sunday perfectly cooked
I'd like another, I'm hooked!

TRy these, Yum!

How's your Sunday?

Click on me I sparkle- you can't beat a bit of sparkle!

What does your script read?

The white washed sky the backdrop of the day ahead
I imagine the stage as i lay nestled in my bed
The morning due the tonic that nourishes the soul
What is today's performance? and what will be your role?
A blank canvas a paint brush been dipped,
you the play write, you've written the script!
Troubles and high lights are the paint for your set
swirls of happiness and water colour regret
there's no play without drama theres no drama without a play
what will be written in the script of today? 

Have a good day everyone ♥

Malt loaf in the bath!

Malt loaf in the bath in a world of my own  wondering how one is suppose to remain calm and relaxed, I'm determined to learn how to do this, you know that moment when you feel like your very still and everyone is rushing around you, you often see moments in films when this happens to someone and I totally relate to it. The radio blasts out nonsense in the kitchen and no one pays attention to its dribble, if the DJ knew he'd shout out "oi you I'm talking to you" but he doesn't so it carries on without any captive ordinance , in the lounge Alfie sits playing I'd say quietly but he's never quiet always a hum or a funny noise as the figures in his hands have miniature  battles in a place that's totally unknown full of other miniature  folk that all have squeaky voices that for some reason
I recognize even though I've never met them before. Above me come crashes and bangs and I'm sure you've heard the term and never dreamed you'd ever say it but where the sound very similar to a heard of elephants march above, although I know perfectly well that elephants couldn't possible know the lyrics to Bruno mars "run away baby" they are infact doing a bloody good job at belting it out upstairs

 while jumping up and down and throwing a inflatable globe back and forth. Me... well I'm just eating Malt loaf in the bath!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Me and my camera!

Willoughby and his big boy bed
November 2011

Nervous about the change from cot to bed
patiently waits snuggy and ted
on a bed thats nolonger a cot
from baby boy to cheeky tot
will he get out to play on the floor
will I hear at night the creak of his door
a place for snuggles and playful dreams
does he like it? yes so it seems!