Kick your shoes off, sit back and relax!

Monday, February 27, 2012

curled in a shell....

A fairy in the garden sleeps curled in a shell
when will she wake its so hard to tell
under a flower that spring has kissed
a magically moment that can't be missed
everything it touches illuminates and glows
magic that only the fairy folk knows
this spring fairy has helped using all her power
now she rests peacefully under the spring kissed flower!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring has painted the world....

Spring paints the world as if by a magic brush
taking its time with ease no rush
nature crouches down and delicately sips
as spring takes a brush and gently dips
everything it touches is colour enriched
in with the new as the old is ditched
 a new beginning has slowly uncurled 
As today spring has started to paint the world......

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pancakes yay!

Pan in hand no turning back
pulling a face pancake attack
you flip up high and watch it fall
with absolutely no control at all
over whelming urge to shut your eyes
just at the point your creation flies
inward breath you nervously take
oh how we love to flip a pancake!

how did you eat yours?????

Terrible twos......

I'm really stuggling coming to terms with my newly born monster

 where  has he risen from?, terrible twos really are scary I no longer know my baby anymore, he's spent the the last two weeks morphing in to someone elses child, repeating- I don't like you, I don't like Daddy, I don't like me dummy, I don't like ..I don't like ..the list is endless. I  must say I find it hard to cope with and I have had three children already none of them have acted like they secretly have a three sixes indiscreetly branded on them somewhere and it all happened so quick once he was cute and squidgy now the cuteness is suspicious . Although he is a master of his trade already as today he made "I'm going to bite you" sound ober cute and almost charming and then followered my answer of "oh Willoughby thats not nice and would hurt mummy" with in a sing song voice that even the fontrapp family would be proud Amember (remember) I bad Mummy" Great at least he's honest Hellllp!

 Am I to spend the next couple of years  trapped in corners with other parents scowling at me as my son pins other children up at the wall and pulls the heads of little girls dolly's! There is something very suspicious about this cute little face

 I knew he was too good to be true! As i put him to bed tonight I felt like i should be doing the I'm watching you sign using my fingers in eyes and pointing at him way but feared his response I'm sure he's have an answer that was sure to make me step back and grasp my ears, well tomorrows a new day what will this terribly cute monster have in store for me!????

Monday, February 20, 2012

Zits at thirty six.......

Zits at thirty six just not right at all Don't we go through enough adult dilemmas without out joining the youth in the joys of zits, You can feel them growing and your instantly reminded of the pain you suffered as an approval seeking teenager, you knew if you had a spot all focus would be on that, so you'd attempt to cover it maybe even use a eye pencil and colour it in black so it looked you had a beauty spot but infact all this did was make you look like you had a tick sucking your face, which lets be honest isn't a great look. So today I feel ugly and want to hide, stamp my feet, cry uncontrollable and write to the problem page of some magazine entitled " I'm a girl trying so hard to be a woman"

 with pages of how to apply make up so you don't look like a tramp and where to put your tongue when your snogging the boy you're only going out with cause your friends said you should- funny term " going out" who on earth thought of that one and why? goodness it must get so tiring aways "going out" is it because the term "staying in" would some how mean you'd have to be alone eeeek no that would be embarrassing ennit! maybe we'll hear this soon " bobby did your hear about Sam?" she's "texting in" with Darren! much more apt for today! Well I now have to get on with my day and face the world with zits at thirty six!  

Have good day everyone xx

Monday, February 13, 2012

Funny run........

Good afternoon guys, Thought I would share a very funny moment with you, On saturday I went in to high wycombe with Andrew, smallest person and Elliot who in comparison is bigger than willoughby but is smaller than me but believes he's bigger. got the picture! we did a bit of shopping, clothes for Ells quite nice shopping with him he appreciates clothes and how looks unlike Bailey who although he's starting to be alittle more interested doesn't really care if he goes any where with his pants on his head and his jumper inside out! Although one of the high lights was watching a woman make mad passionate love to David Beckham on the box of his newly designed under garments, she caresses the box in her hand as if looking at a long lost love in an album that she's have to brush the dust off before entering. her eyes twinkling as she believed he was smiling at her .

 We though we'd take the opportunity  to have lunch out seeing as we had two less mouths to feed which obviously means an extra glass of wine or a huge piece of chocolate cake! we ate In the la tasca where I pretended I was on holiday and for a moment completely forgot that I was in a shopping precinct crammed full of teenagers with their trousers at the ankles revealing more than half of a spotty bum and not down some Spanish oldy woldy lane close to the beach where I'd eventually tottle back to after consuming more than my recommended five a day in grape filled substance! The meal was delicious in la tasca as the lunch came to an end and I stilll hadn't finished trying convince willoughby to eat a meat ball by telling him it was sausage as I believe that sounds more tasty than meat ball but he still refuses and continues to say "stinky bum", "I done enough pooo" so that the people next to us realise that he isn't the angel that his blue eyes speak volumes of.

Unsure of how much money I had in my bank I decided to go across the road to get my money out, on my return from the cash point money in hand, I pushed the door entering the restaurant a little flustered it was one of those moments where the room goes quiet, the waiters looked at me bemused as If to say " can we help" more of a case I thought of "no can I pay you please" until something dawned on me I was in the  restaurant next door hahahaha I then as if thinking that everyone in there knew what I'd done then preceded to do a funny run out of the place looking seriously like I was in some musical and of course decided it needed a little whoops of laughter at myself just to add to my little display ,I then entered the right building where my little family waited chuckling with an utter look of embarrassment  at myself!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bella the star...

I had to talk to willoughby about my mums dog dying today, he seems so little but he asked "where Bella mama"?
I told him "shes not here- shes died," I said it as if he would know, I stumbled on my words trying not to trip, his little eyes hanging onto my words for pictures and answers, "she was old Willoughby" shes gone to heaven, " where Heaven Mama? I felt lost, so did he! I could tell by his expression, I wanted to say "oh look Bella- shes come back", it would have been easier! I clutched at straws, "Willoughby shes turned into a star", all of a sudden I saw the glow return back into his little cheeks at the wonder and belief that she might still exist , "a Star Mama" " yes Willoughby a star", hope  was resumed and then dashed straight away as he looked out of the window and told me " mummy I looking for Bella" but  not a star could be found " maybe she'll be there later willoughby" he sat down disheartened he frowned in his innocent little way "noooo don't take Bella away" he looked at me as if I'd done just that but all I was was the barer ,the story teller! had I done my job had I covered the sadness that lingered ?had i rubbed down edges? for now yes, but i knew that his little heart still searches reasoning!

Bella the star

Now shes not here and she can't bark

Bella the star lights up the dark
I don't understand what you mean when you say shes gone
whats happened to her what went wrong?
why can't I see her waggy tail any more
her black shiny nose and grey tipped paw
mummy tells me shes turned into a star
and watches me now from a far
I don't understand as I'm too young
I can't see her waggy tail or pink tongue
now shes not here and she can't bark
but Bella the star lights up the dark!

A comfy size 14......

Having had years of being laughed out of I need to exercise  more conversations like  you need to be over weight to join nananana you're not in our club your far too slim " what do you need to exercise for" duh missing the point I think! there Was times i wished I was fat

so I could say Ha! I'm fat and flabby can I join in your oh gosh I need to loose weight club!  I've always been slim and hated the term "skinny" ever since I was a small girl when people thought it was ok to discuss you out loud hahaha your so skinny your just like a stick insect- lovely!

 where as if you were slightly chubby no one was ever going to say "oh my goodness aren't you fat!" I'd walk in to a room and hear my relatives whispering those whispers that everyone can hear "ooooooh has Shelley lost weight?" then they'd expect you to grow up with no hang ups at all  viewing yourself ( that is if you could view you at all as your so thin that your wondering whether can actually seee you! viewing yourself as a normal human being. Then you get the jealousy and scowls as if you loook like this on purpose.. oh you don't ?well thats not fair either! humph! I began to hate the way I looked even though girls it seemed wished they had my body that I would quite happily have given away, I'm beginning to wonder if i had reverse anorexia when I looked in the mirror i saw skinny even though I knew I wasn't but I saw the way I looked as a negative I was the product of other peoples hang ups about their own weight! Really i was just lucky, this was me, but I was always going to be discussed after every baby I've given birth to, even though I knew  my shape had changed people would argue with me, "I bet your in your old jeans already? look at you, how do you do it?" "I'd say no My shape has changed" I'd get back" No it hasn't look at you" Ok then what ever you say after all you no my body better than me right? Wrong! so lucky me I've been average size 12 for many years- I use the term "average" loosely, phew !quick before i offend anyone! so thats me! its taken long time to get use to being ok with my body and not to be scared of my reflection
But I've had a funny moment, lately after acquiring a drawer full of size 12 jeans that only fit If i'm prepared to look like a muffin top, I'm now a comfy size 14 and have the jeans to prove it! and I love it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

No days like snow day!

I hate snow but my children love it so that keeps me warm when I'm freezing and fed up!

I hope everyone had fun if they've had snow, and remember to see things through your childrens eyes and any situation is instantly turned around!