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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not just a pile of old doors!!!

So in my house crammed full of boys I've decided I need some where to go before the twitch in my eye turns into a whole body jolt, some where to shut my eyes and not fear that something will shoved up my nose, somewhere to sit and pretend I'm normal for just a few minutes, when I talk like this it always reminds me of that book " Five minutes peace" By Gill Murphy , The classic bit of them all just getting in the bath with Mrs large in the end hahahaha! Any way on  day I was feeling particularly jittery I came across a pic of a recycled little creation made from old interior doors, it was a facebook page

Its a fab page with lovely and innovative recycling ideas. I new we had the doors lying around now my task was to convince my husband to make a frame and build it after all I only wanted to do the pretty bit. Lots of swearing later it was created and following a morning of painting in my bra rather sheepishly awaiting the desperate rush to throw my top back on as the postman arrived, I must add it was hot and thats why the urge to paint in my bra arose and I do not just have some strange fetish.

This my friends Is my  cosy garden nook or posh bus shelter as my husband likes to call it, you decide!

A glass of wine and Fifty shades of grey? Or a teacup and saucer and The beautiful homes magazine? hmmmmmm decisions, decisions !!!!!

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