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Thursday, September 20, 2012

long time since...................

Hi all its been such a long time since my last post and for this I'm sorry and can only make the excuse that I've morphed into a huge frown that only answers to muuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm when shouted, moaned or whined out load, yep you've guessed it life has been busy and loud, not that isn't totally enjoyable, now who wouldn't want to be moaned at one a daily basis for 7 weeks?????? smiling sweetly with a few extra winkles than I had before I've returned with lots up my sleeves!( not literally you understand as this would be uncomfortable and is one place where i don't carry things but does remind me of when my nanny always kept a soggy tissue shoved up there, does anyone else still do that?) So how about a fashion for little boys feature using willoughby my ever so slightly un cooperative  and quite rightly fed up of mummy taking pictures of me trying to look sweet when inside i'm growling three year old son as a model? I'm forever getting asked where I've got his outfits from and know how difficult it is to find lovely clothes for our boyish little folk. so how about it?? watch this space__________________________________!

So whats everyone been up to? I've been .................................

camping, cooking,laughing, crying, 
singing, dancing, little white lying
juggling, washing ,a little bit of dusting
zooming, confusing and always rushing
changing, making ,a whole lot of cleaning
gardening, creating and of course daydreaming
frowning, smiling, alot more shouting
planning, painting, eeek! the tiles need grouting
photographing, waiting, RESTING...not 
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I thinks thats the lot!

Here's a few shots of my summer.


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  1. What a great collection of photos and a very full summer you had! Can totally relate to constant nagging and Muuuuuuum being shouted from the rafters!