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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mothers day!!!!!

Hey there Guys how was your mothers day????? mine was lovely despite being so tired i can barely open my eyes as willoughby has been poorly, but we made it to the cotswold wild life park regardless, I love the fact that I have four boys ranging from 14 to 2 years old and they all equally loved the stinky camels and the roaring tigers! I fell in love with Giraffes and couldn't bare to be dragged away I lost myself in their gorgeous demeanor, and serene nature  I could have watched them all day, Enchanting and eyelashes that any footballlers wife would have been proud of.

A drawn on smile

 Just a little girl dreaming of a grown up land
reflections of motherhood in the mirror in her hand
a drawn on smile and scribble on her face
a baby doll in her arms dressed in lace
pouring the tea from a plastic teapot
blow it sweet dolly for its very hot
the mother within has started to grow
but she only plays and doesn't know
for now she packs up motherhood and puts it to bed
Along with baa baa the lamb, dolly and ted

Just a young woman dreaming of a child like land
reflections of childhood in the mirror in her hand
smiles and poos with a cute little face
A baby in her arms dressed in lace
pours the teas but no time to stop
clothes to wash and a floor to mop
The mother within has fully grown
the childish games have up and flown
now she watches her little one play
and this is her moment her special day!


  1. lovely photos and such a fab poem! With you on the lack of sleep :-( xxxx

  2. Thank you Grace, yes I think I'm doing things in auto drive at the moment! Praying for some sleep soon!!!! xx