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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The woodpecker was the final straw.....

Maybe I shall never sleep again and should therfore get use to seeing the world through squinty puffy eyes and maybe discuss the possibilities of how I might plug myself in to recharge my battery. Squinty.. funny word ,is it even a word??? Its not certain anything I say can be trusted through the fog that use to be my vision and focus, willoughby has reverted back to being new born at two years old and apart from the lactating breasts and fixed grin of over whelming pride and slight insanity I feel the same as I did when I'd just had him.You know its bad when the sound of early morning bird song sounds more like evil cackling pixies pulling the wings off of sleep fairies and without realising you're imagining yourself with an air rifle insanely popping the unsuspecting birds of their perches .The wood pecker was the final straw. Tomorrow I shall expect a group of squirrels to form a brass band.

Don't ask I too am astonished that I was able to find a picture of a squirrel brass band! hahahahahaha

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