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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our sleepy village is awake..............

There's a buzz in the air today, deep in the heart of Oxfordshire in a sleepy village called "Ewelme" where I happen to live an exciting event takes place, I  know... its true, Me and little Willoughby will bump into more than just a pigeon and hear more than the sound of a crow today as the village is full of lorries and people, it has been taken over! They are Filming the remake of "Les Mis" EEEEkkkkkk!"!!!!! Hugh Jackman and his fine torso is somewhere not so far away right as I write, I've been acting Nonchalant all morning walking round the village talking with a very high over the top squeaky voice to Willoughby and flicking my hair .....ALOT!!!! it felt strange though, I had the feeling like I was going through someone elses knicker drawer, like I shouldn't be here- all awkward and fluttery, hahahaha! silly me!!!!

I perched on top of the slide in the park trying to get just a wee glimpse!!!

Not even a Whiff!

Then I spotted this... and thought this must be him hahahaha

Nope not a chance!

I thought I might see this...

But then got told it would be more like this....


and ended up only seeing loads of fake dead!!!!

These were the fake graves in our graveyard cause it seems apparently Ewelme just doesn't have enough dead people!
so if you happen to watch the re-make of "Les Miserables" in the future , remember you saw these fake dead people here first!!!!! hahahaha

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