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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wish I was a tortoise today.....

Hi all, I've been lost for a while in a blog drought ,do you every get those days where you feel like youve got nothing worth saying? its not negative thing but just a comma  
    in time, at least it isn't a full stop! so here I am wishing I was a tortoise today, if only hibernation was an option! I'm so tired that I'm at the stage that I feel resentful of the dog how dare he lie there licking his bits- not that I'm resentful of that, that's not something I wish to do but I'm very resentful of him being able to lie down where ever he pleases only ever being bothered to open an eye when theres hope of someone dropping a crumb. can you imagine being a snail or tortoise and being able to pull your head in to your shell and only coming out if you feel like it. Its the Easter holidays which means my house is over run with boy like things with attitudes bigger than their personalities its amazing what they can find to argue about.

I'm off to hide in my shell -anyone got a nice cosy box ,low rent, no neighbours and its own veg patch?


  1. hi shelley. i found your blog on britmums and i have to say i love it. I thought one boy was hard. your pictures are fab!!! i'm now following you if u get a chance head over and have a look.

  2. Ahhh Thank you, Glad you like my blog, its lovely to know someones getting enjoyment from what you blog xxx