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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Big splash.......

HI everyone, what an absolutely stinky few days, today I reached the peak of  rainy day blues my shoulders seem to be dropping like other parts of a middle aged woman, my frown was starting to hurt and I had that kind anger at the rain that you have when you'd just got a perm and left the hairdressers full of bounce and smiles when the biggest blackest cloud follows you down the road and decides its going to pee down! Enough was enough! time for

The Big Splash..
He leaps as if he's flyin through the sky
days of sunshine flash by
he rides on a rainbow suspended in time
the puddle and child partners in crime
Jumping with both feet without any fear
yellow wellies and a smile from ear to ear
He jumps and falls its done in a flash
today is the day for "The Big Splash"


  1. Great poem and fabulous photos. Looks like he had lots of fun

  2. Thank you Laura, I think its important for someone to get some enjoyment in the rain! personally I'm ready for some sunshine! xxx