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Monday, April 30, 2012

mumzilla makes cupcakes..

I made cupcakes yippppeee -oh to be joining in with the masses although it
wasn't done with the ease I'd imagined I had images of being dressed in Cath Kidston pinny skipping round the kitchen on a cloud of sweet puffs of icing sugar with my hair set into perfect curls with a snap of fingers and a screech of "whens dinner mum" reality hits home.. hard! I realise that the  kitchen Im working is now looking like a scene from shameless and I don't look like this...

But more like this......

So making cupcakes wasn't as glamorous as I'd hoped and although I felt like mumzilla when I was making them the end result wasn't bad, and my niece who celebrated first birthday with my master piece as the center piece of her party table and my sister who I'd really made them for was delighted. will I be making any more sometime soon not while reminiscence of the glitter is still making me see stars and the icing sugar is sticking my soul to the kitchen ,until the stress of the delicate butterfly shapes flutters away I think I'll stick to admiring everyone elses efforts and dreaming for a bigger kitchen with one of those lovely islands in the middle bigger than my actual kitchen now, I'm happy to sit in my floral pinny eating a cupcake that someone else has effortlessly created with a grin of "I could of made it but I didn't!"

Here's some I made earlier.. ;-)


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