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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The laundry Monster.........

Is there something wrong with me??? Strike don't answer! the laundry in my house is becoming viral  If I'm not careful it may well turn into a Laundry monster and suffocate me in my sleep

, I don't know what I expect, well I kind of do- I fantasize about little pixies and fairy folk coming out at night in their masses and tackling the laundry monster............

 attacking him with tiny knitting needles until he promises never to leave himself in perfectly placed baskets all over my house. Its never going to happen, it seems the fairies in my life are far more into feng shui and they just keep putting the laundry in places to allow the good energy to flow, well no good energy is flowing in fact no energy at all is flowing, I've even started to hide the washing in bags disguised as unusual art, but it doesn't work as I know what lurks inside them, and it has teenage dirty sock breath and is cloaked in clothes that no one recognizes anymore as they've been gone too long, I comfort myself in the fact that by the time I manage to get round to washing them i can wrap them up in pretty ribbons and pretend i've just brought everyone presents. I must face my illness head on and admit to the world.... I am CRAP! at keeping up with the laundry!


  1. when you find the laundry fairies - send them my way! x

  2. hahahah Ok will do Grace but there may well be on strike by the time they've finished here! :-D

  3. I have to do one load a day... everyday. If I miss one then it takes over and is ugly. I put a load in the washer in the AM and dryer in the afternoon. I fold it while watching TV and put it away right before bed. I have dreamed of fairies like those forever though...

  4. Nessa that sounds like the right idea, I need to be more disciplined! I think I will spend this week getting it all done and then try out your routine! :-)