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Monday, February 13, 2012

Funny run........

Good afternoon guys, Thought I would share a very funny moment with you, On saturday I went in to high wycombe with Andrew, smallest person and Elliot who in comparison is bigger than willoughby but is smaller than me but believes he's bigger. got the picture! we did a bit of shopping, clothes for Ells quite nice shopping with him he appreciates clothes and how looks unlike Bailey who although he's starting to be alittle more interested doesn't really care if he goes any where with his pants on his head and his jumper inside out! Although one of the high lights was watching a woman make mad passionate love to David Beckham on the box of his newly designed under garments, she caresses the box in her hand as if looking at a long lost love in an album that she's have to brush the dust off before entering. her eyes twinkling as she believed he was smiling at her .

 We though we'd take the opportunity  to have lunch out seeing as we had two less mouths to feed which obviously means an extra glass of wine or a huge piece of chocolate cake! we ate In the la tasca where I pretended I was on holiday and for a moment completely forgot that I was in a shopping precinct crammed full of teenagers with their trousers at the ankles revealing more than half of a spotty bum and not down some Spanish oldy woldy lane close to the beach where I'd eventually tottle back to after consuming more than my recommended five a day in grape filled substance! The meal was delicious in la tasca as the lunch came to an end and I stilll hadn't finished trying convince willoughby to eat a meat ball by telling him it was sausage as I believe that sounds more tasty than meat ball but he still refuses and continues to say "stinky bum", "I done enough pooo" so that the people next to us realise that he isn't the angel that his blue eyes speak volumes of.

Unsure of how much money I had in my bank I decided to go across the road to get my money out, on my return from the cash point money in hand, I pushed the door entering the restaurant a little flustered it was one of those moments where the room goes quiet, the waiters looked at me bemused as If to say " can we help" more of a case I thought of "no can I pay you please" until something dawned on me I was in the  restaurant next door hahahaha I then as if thinking that everyone in there knew what I'd done then preceded to do a funny run out of the place looking seriously like I was in some musical and of course decided it needed a little whoops of laughter at myself just to add to my little display ,I then entered the right building where my little family waited chuckling with an utter look of embarrassment  at myself!

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