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Monday, February 20, 2012

Zits at thirty six.......

Zits at thirty six just not right at all Don't we go through enough adult dilemmas without out joining the youth in the joys of zits, You can feel them growing and your instantly reminded of the pain you suffered as an approval seeking teenager, you knew if you had a spot all focus would be on that, so you'd attempt to cover it maybe even use a eye pencil and colour it in black so it looked you had a beauty spot but infact all this did was make you look like you had a tick sucking your face, which lets be honest isn't a great look. So today I feel ugly and want to hide, stamp my feet, cry uncontrollable and write to the problem page of some magazine entitled " I'm a girl trying so hard to be a woman"

 with pages of how to apply make up so you don't look like a tramp and where to put your tongue when your snogging the boy you're only going out with cause your friends said you should- funny term " going out" who on earth thought of that one and why? goodness it must get so tiring aways "going out" is it because the term "staying in" would some how mean you'd have to be alone eeeek no that would be embarrassing ennit! maybe we'll hear this soon " bobby did your hear about Sam?" she's "texting in" with Darren! much more apt for today! Well I now have to get on with my day and face the world with zits at thirty six!  

Have good day everyone xx

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