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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bella the star...

I had to talk to willoughby about my mums dog dying today, he seems so little but he asked "where Bella mama"?
I told him "shes not here- shes died," I said it as if he would know, I stumbled on my words trying not to trip, his little eyes hanging onto my words for pictures and answers, "she was old Willoughby" shes gone to heaven, " where Heaven Mama? I felt lost, so did he! I could tell by his expression, I wanted to say "oh look Bella- shes come back", it would have been easier! I clutched at straws, "Willoughby shes turned into a star", all of a sudden I saw the glow return back into his little cheeks at the wonder and belief that she might still exist , "a Star Mama" " yes Willoughby a star", hope  was resumed and then dashed straight away as he looked out of the window and told me " mummy I looking for Bella" but  not a star could be found " maybe she'll be there later willoughby" he sat down disheartened he frowned in his innocent little way "noooo don't take Bella away" he looked at me as if I'd done just that but all I was was the barer ,the story teller! had I done my job had I covered the sadness that lingered ?had i rubbed down edges? for now yes, but i knew that his little heart still searches reasoning!

Bella the star

Now shes not here and she can't bark

Bella the star lights up the dark
I don't understand what you mean when you say shes gone
whats happened to her what went wrong?
why can't I see her waggy tail any more
her black shiny nose and grey tipped paw
mummy tells me shes turned into a star
and watches me now from a far
I don't understand as I'm too young
I can't see her waggy tail or pink tongue
now shes not here and she can't bark
but Bella the star lights up the dark!

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