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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I didn't!

So I'm beginning  to realize after four babies, no more! well actually Willoughby is helping me realize! I've had 3 little boys he never really broke anything, or did anything much naughty, apart from the emptying a whole bottle of Johnson baby powder over your baby brother incident but i couldn't help but chuckle as a Elliot waddled in looking like casper the friendly ghost,  they also didn't really do toilet talk or fiddle unnecessarily.  yeah right i hear you say! but its true three boys left me pretty much unscathed but Willoughby has an edge under this cute exterior

He already has an over active curiosity with boobies- mine that is, luckily no embarrassing incidences
with anyone elses, he likes to call people stinky bum since yesterday although I do have daddy to thank for that and today I walk in to the lounge and he said in a rather cute but disconcerting voice " I didn't brake anything" Pardon Willoughby I ask? He repeats now looking a little more shifty rather like somebody that has book shaped object down their trousers but still insists they haven't stolen a book! remember this clip in this great film  love it! I digress    
he repeats " I not broken anything" and then I find the hand of a clock bent in two, who broke this Willoughby? " me" he says casually! haha such honesty  so what with the boobie fascination, the bad language and the vandalism, I've decided nomore babies!

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