Kick your shoes off, sit back and relax!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pancakes yay!

Pan in hand no turning back
pulling a face pancake attack
you flip up high and watch it fall
with absolutely no control at all
over whelming urge to shut your eyes
just at the point your creation flies
inward breath you nervously take
oh how we love to flip a pancake!

how did you eat yours?????


  1. Hi Shelley, I came across you on Britmums- hope you don't mind me commenting but I had to as your photos are just amazing!
    I love pancake day but I'm not brave enough to try and flip them over without the aid of a spatula (I'm a bit of a square like that... potential mess=eek!!) Maybe once my little boy is old enough to be a bit more into it I'll be a little braver!
    Take care x

  2. HI Natalie and welcome! Thank you for your comments about my photos we had fun! how old is your little boy? I agree though it can be messy but we were in someone elses kitchen so the fear was lessened hahaha xx

  3. I flipped pancakes this year with my kids. Pancakes are not the same thing in Canada so my whole family stared at me as if I'd grown three heads when I first mentioned flipping them. We all ended up having a good laugh which was the main thing although my husband took over the flipping as soon as he saw how much fun it was!

  4. hahaha thats funny, well if you can't look mad while flipping pancakes when can you? glad you had fun! xx