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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Terrible twos......

I'm really stuggling coming to terms with my newly born monster

 where  has he risen from?, terrible twos really are scary I no longer know my baby anymore, he's spent the the last two weeks morphing in to someone elses child, repeating- I don't like you, I don't like Daddy, I don't like me dummy, I don't like ..I don't like ..the list is endless. I  must say I find it hard to cope with and I have had three children already none of them have acted like they secretly have a three sixes indiscreetly branded on them somewhere and it all happened so quick once he was cute and squidgy now the cuteness is suspicious . Although he is a master of his trade already as today he made "I'm going to bite you" sound ober cute and almost charming and then followered my answer of "oh Willoughby thats not nice and would hurt mummy" with in a sing song voice that even the fontrapp family would be proud Amember (remember) I bad Mummy" Great at least he's honest Hellllp!

 Am I to spend the next couple of years  trapped in corners with other parents scowling at me as my son pins other children up at the wall and pulls the heads of little girls dolly's! There is something very suspicious about this cute little face

 I knew he was too good to be true! As i put him to bed tonight I felt like i should be doing the I'm watching you sign using my fingers in eyes and pointing at him way but feared his response I'm sure he's have an answer that was sure to make me step back and grasp my ears, well tomorrows a new day what will this terribly cute monster have in store for me!????

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