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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cupcakes to whoopie pies

Hi there, today I'm celebrating being with my lovely if not a bit grumpy man, The man that was once a slim rather forgiving boy with a twinkle in his eye which has now been replaced by a belly that any pregnant lady would be proud of, who only forgives me if I promise to be the one to change the next nappy and with not so much as a twinkle in his eye rather than a flashing beacon reminding me that he's due a promise!The hug that use to linger  is now rather brief and always includes a fondle of the places that use to resemble cupcakes but now more like whoopie pies! NO joking aside he is still sweet in lots of ways, he still runs me a bath.... because I don't do that right, he puts the new loo roll on..because I don't do that right. He washes up...because yep you've guessed it i don't do that right either, I'm unsure at what point daily life became such a competition you know how your desperate for them to help but humph! they never do like you do it, the sane part of you should be over joyed that your loving husband put the shopping away, but for goodness sake doesn't he know that butter hates being on the same shelf as the tomatoes and that the asparagus feels intimidated by the broccoli .

You ask him to dress the baby and then frown at his choice of the shirt thats two sizes too small and that his socks don't match his jumper.

 But heys lifes good and I love that boy thats now a man, I miss his twinkle and but am rather use to the flashing beacon now!

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