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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

parents bickering like the children

Tonight started so well, Until now, I absolutely  hate bickering with Andrew ( my husband) especially in front of the children, the children go quiet as if they've been frozen in time, they pretend nothing is happening their faces emotionless, untill its gone on too long and one of them calls out "stop arguing or stop shouting", by this time its too late the damage is done and we're stuck in a head to head tussle where no one can back down, Its so frustrating and I absolutely hate it, that done now there's a silence in the house an unnerving feeling. I must now make sure that the children know everything is ok, let them know they've done nothing wrong even when the clearly argument has been something in theory about one of them. Willoughby said to me "you be crying mummy" and i have to say the normal, "yes willoughby but mummies all better now"!
Funny isn't it though because everyday you listen to the children bicker and shout and call each other names, and then you find yourself doing it with the person that you love so much, goodness its a good job it doesn't happen very often, its draining, unpleasant and i guess sometimes unavoidable the main to remember where children are concerned its all in the explanation and the reassurance after that everything will be ok xxx

when I was a young teenager having just had a row i would play this song

Agruements with the boy who's now a man, probably over the same silly thing . Though  you think it will be etched in time really its just a fleeting moment in time, I've now been with Andrew 20 years this month but agruing with him since we've been parents is a lot harder to handle because no matter how big or small the cause, i feel it and hear it through my childrens ears and eyes! hate it hate it hate it!

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