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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello from me, welcome to you!

Good morning, So This is me! Pretty ordinary- or so it seems, all will be revealed! I'm starting this blog today as suggested by someone after following my new page on facebook
If youve read my profile you will see I am the mother of four boys here they are-
whoops thats actually a toad hahahah similar but these are my lovely boys- less slimy than a toad :-)
Here we have Bailey who is 14 then Elliot 12, Alfie 9 and Willoughby 2 the baby of the bunch and adored by all, the others on the other hand hate each other, And I mean hate! do you know where I'm coming from??? anyone else out there who believed that their children loved each other and you were having great fun playing happy familys when all of a sudden this happened...

One morning you woke up and spotted your child admiring their new reflection, shock horror, you have a monster on your hands plus green goo on the mirror which is hard to get off- how many times have you said don't get the goo on my furniture  

Never again will life be the same, siblings just get on please let me know if I'm wrong!!

Well all is quiet on the home front this morning, just me and willoughby at home, what will come of today?
Have a lovely morning and welcome to my Blog x

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