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Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting dressed should be easy right??

Feeling lazy and somewhat sleepy, I fumble around the never ending piles of clean washing, at least I think its clean and it use to be  piles, That was what it was before the rummaging hands of  four male folk hopelessly try and find items of clothing that will undoubtably end with the spine tingling, cringworthy phrase " I can't find it" ! 

so like I was saying, I fumbled around on the hunt for a of pair knickers that some what resembled ladies briefs, I don't mind what style, I don't even mind if they don't have frilly bits, flowers on or embellished with diamonds although that would be nice! as long as they don't have fireman Sam  or Bart Simpson on  or funny little flaps and holes where some men keep their valuables , Its impossible to get dressed in my house, and when I do finally find some thing to wear like two days ago I picked up my leggings that I think I wore the day before and before putting my some what already exhausted legs in them realize that my disgusting male of course dog has eaten the whole crutch out of them leaving a rather chilly opening, honestly what is wrong with that dog? Bugger it I'll just say in my Pjs!

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