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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Morning everyone, In a rush -tell you more about the Blurggghhhh later! But he has to do with very little sleep,piggy eyes, and the joys of having a toddler who already is already trying to be down with the kids......

Come on feet

That feeling you get when you wake ,the feeling to hide
like someone has pressed the pause button from inside
If you had a choice you wouldn't move
No one to please nothing to prove
Take a sip of the chaos but choose not to swallow
Get up brain now feet you have to follow
Things aren't so bad add a sugar to the cup
sweeten the chaos feet get up
Now let the dance begin
Swirl in repeating patterns learnt from yesterday
come on Feet you know the way.

"Shock what did you just say? this is what comes from having older brothers"

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