Kick your shoes off, sit back and relax!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Malt loaf in the bath!

Malt loaf in the bath in a world of my own  wondering how one is suppose to remain calm and relaxed, I'm determined to learn how to do this, you know that moment when you feel like your very still and everyone is rushing around you, you often see moments in films when this happens to someone and I totally relate to it. The radio blasts out nonsense in the kitchen and no one pays attention to its dribble, if the DJ knew he'd shout out "oi you I'm talking to you" but he doesn't so it carries on without any captive ordinance , in the lounge Alfie sits playing I'd say quietly but he's never quiet always a hum or a funny noise as the figures in his hands have miniature  battles in a place that's totally unknown full of other miniature  folk that all have squeaky voices that for some reason
I recognize even though I've never met them before. Above me come crashes and bangs and I'm sure you've heard the term and never dreamed you'd ever say it but where the sound very similar to a heard of elephants march above, although I know perfectly well that elephants couldn't possible know the lyrics to Bruno mars "run away baby" they are infact doing a bloody good job at belting it out upstairs

 while jumping up and down and throwing a inflatable globe back and forth. Me... well I'm just eating Malt loaf in the bath!