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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Re; whats makes children happy!

Following on from this morning, I was washing up this evening while two of the boys played at the table and said how nice it was to see them playing together and Alfie teaching Willoughby, I then went on to talk about how Alfie, bailey and Elliot felt about each other I then said to Alfie can you imagine one day after you've all stopped being teenagers you might actually like each other again, we discussed Bailey and how he is as a teenager , Alfie is very conscientious  and understands and speaks very well for a nine year old, He told me how bailey doesn't like us talking to him and asking lots of questions

I asked Alfie the question if you were the mummy and daddy of you boys how would you deal with you guys?? He said " I couldn't do anything more than you and daddy do, I said no Alfie you don't have to say that I want a straight answer, he then went onto say " no I mean it , I don't like the parents that give you know give their children phones and stuff at my sort of age" I went in to pensive silence, I couldn't bloody believe it, he wasn't trying to impress me he's too honest for that, it was said from the heart, Thank goodness its paying off all of the hard work, all  the grey hairs and memories and of piles and endless sleepless nights!

 its all worth it.

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