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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mummy you're staring again

Does anyone else stare into empty spaces?
filling the air with imaginary places
happy to hear nothing but the beat of your heart
never knowing the finish or the very start
A place where your not willing to share
an empty place with a longing stare!

Alfie said to me the other day Mummy you're doing that staring thing again funny the things we do and we're not even aware that we're doing it, but children notice everything don't there, for instance Willoughbys noticed that daddy has boobies hahahaha and i though it was only me that had noticed that!

Sorry about that I couldnt resist, you don't really have boobs darling husband!


  1. I often stare at strangers while daydreaming, so thy think i am staring at them lol. When i was at school i used to stare so deeply into space that my teacher always had to come and click her fingers in my face to snap me out of it!

  2. Thats funny jade, I don't know many others that do it too, the boys think its really strange! are you thinking when you're doing it? because with me its just a kind of nothing, but i nice nothing! :-)

  3. Im daydreaming, but then when i snap out of it i forget what i was daydreaming about. I also do it a lot when im working cos im trying to understand stuff in my head. My boyfriend always asks me why im giving him weird looks haha, i cant help it!