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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What makes children happy?

Morning, I woke up this morning- yes I did actually get some sleep last night in and out of willoughby calling "mama lovely cold water drink" as I woke the radio was on and I heard the sad statistic that half a million children in the UK are unhappy that's 1/10 of children under eight are unhappy! I find this so sad, I find the biggest role for me as parent is to make sure my children are happy and it is increasingly difficult to keep up! The argument is whos fault is it?? Fault? is there really a fault element to this! and do they need things to make them happy?I think they believe they need the latest things to make them happy but it isn't our job to help them realize that are different forms of happiness ,superficial happiness and deep soul seeking happiness! My children realize they can't have the latest thing just because their friends have it- infact my children don't even ask as they've been brought up to appreciate what they have and if there's something they feel they'd like they have to work out a way to earn the money to get! I think they actually enjoy the wait now and planning what they will spend their money on once they've earnt  it!

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