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Monday, January 30, 2012

When did the boy turn into this man?......

Do you remember doing this???

Do you remember moments like these?

I was a quiet girl tomorrow twenty years ago
with a head full of worries and a heart full of woe
Life was not the adventure that it promised to be
no fairies or  fairy tale or  an enchanted tree
there was no secret seven or famous five
and nor was it worth waiting for your prince to arrive
Home life was troubled and my heart was weighed down
and a instead of a tiara I wore a frown
 I went to school just doing what I had to do
no balls to attend no pumpkins or glass shoe
until the day I noticed his glance
this my time this my chance
something developed, blossomed and bloomed
my heart didn't tick it boom boom boomed
who would have know that twenty years on
This fairy tale would still be going strong
but I was no princess but an ordinary girl
who met just a boy no Prince,knight or Earl
and now an adventure had truly began
but when did the boy become this man?

Twenty years later!....

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