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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Toddler groups

Of we trotted this morning to a new toddler group today with Laura my sister and her baby Tilly, now willoughby and I haven't frequented  many social groups and not because we growl or don't like people, its not because willoughby is a scary monster and we want to keep him locked away until he learns to behave!

but more to do with the fact that sadly my anxiety has kept us at home much more than I would have liked but now I'm doing so well I thought we'd give being social abit more of a go! The toddler group was lovely, I thought it had a nice friendly feel the children seemed calm and the organisation was great, but My sister who maybe isn't as confident as me, takes a different view on toddler groups, after leaving and had our fill of playing on the floor and a cup of tea that I never get to drink -one: because i never drink normal tea but drink it to be polite, strange concept! and the other because you never seem to get much time to drink,w hen you nervously have one eye on your child just in case he (completely out of character you understand) but sticks his finger up another child's nose or some thing similar, the problem with that is is that its normally the parent of the child that normally has these tendency is  deep into conversation with another mother about why he does these things to even notice that's he's actually swung another child around the air in the attempt to get the orange that clearly is so much better than yellow one!" 

now where was I?? Yes that's we've just left the toddler group and my sister has a rather grim view of them, she's a first time mum of as I said Tilly who's 8 months, beautiful Tilly!  Laura believes that all toddler groups are full of straight dressed woman who she clearly has nothing in common with, How sad this is, Now I have to decide whether this is her own insecurities or a fact that because i'm too busy chirping away have forgotten to recognize?

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