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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My love for babies started here

My mum had a baby I thought she was my own
I'll never forget the day she came home
shes cute and tiny Just like a dolly
Will she be laura or maybe Holly
my special baby sister, friend for forever
forging a bond that will never tether
We decided laura she would be called
someone to cuddle someone to hold
MY mum had a baby I thought she was my own
I;ll never forget the day she came home.

This is me and my sister Laura and the poem above explains how I thought about her when she came home as a baby, I've always felt this over whelming urge to protect and look after her, does anyone else have a sister that feel more like a mother to? the mother instinct is a powerful thing, It doesn't matter who you're mothering- your children , someone elses children, your sibling a dolly or even your pet, if your that way inclined but we can't get away from the fact that to mother is what some of us are put here to do!

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