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Monday, January 23, 2012

Tracy, who?

How many of you have experienced this........ willoughby, Elliot and I went for a little stroll, willoughby guiding us while trailing his new rat friend that he randomly named Hedgehog

 to the church a favorite place of his to visit as he excitedly whispers in a loud way "mummy we must be quiet" and then our usual rest on the bench to eat a snack that willoughby just rely s that I'll magically produce as all mummies are expected to do, while we sit a lady who I hadn't seen for a while a lady whos daughter I went to school with and who at the time I'm sure referred to me as a bad influence even though it was her daughter who pulled my pig tails and made me paint her pet dogs toe nails- any way she approached mumbling hello to me at least i think it was me she was saying helllo to one can't be sure, she went on to talk to my children in way that normally an old annoying auntie normally talks " oooooh hasn't he grown" even though you can't remember the last time she saw him was, she then goes on to tell you things about her family and you feel forced to listen and smile appropriately. You talk through your children in the hope that they say "mummy I want to go home" and therefore excusing you from the forced conversion,
 I shuffle towards the church gate......

And then this happens...she introduces me to her man friend or so she endearingly refers to him as, this is my friend Graham , graham this is Tracy.... Tracy???????? Now I don't know whether you know but my name is in fact Shelley, it was one of those moments when you feel like saying "excuse me what ever your name is, that isn't my name, I'm not your friend or in fact was never really friends with your daughter ,who by the way was a right cow and you don't know my children and I hate that bloody awful jumper your wearing "but instead you say "lovely to see you" - hide your smirk and carry on on your way having enjoyed a snack on a bench by the church on a winters afternoon.


  1. Btw I didn't think her daughter was a right cow really! :-D I'm too nice xxx

  2. Lovely pictures Tracy (joking!)... :) Emma