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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More about the blurghhhhhh

Good evening everyone, how's your day been? Well I've had a busy one, more busier than normal, If I'm honest my life even though I have four boys growing eating too much and taking up space in general my life is pretty quiet apart from the noise hahaha you get what I mean- I hope! any way woke up this morning aleast I think I woke up I might not of actually been asleep- sometimes its hard to tell! Willoughby had me up every two hours last night, very strange! and utterly exhausting , A definite regression taking place apart from the odd teenage choice word  such as "nob" and the grown up term "not now darlin"! Which brings me brings me on to the next thing, how on earth is a toddler suppose to turn out without any bad habits when against everything we try to install, its inevitable with teenagers in the house answering back and calling each other names such as "duh! your such an idiot" none of which I hasten to add it agreeable to us! to me it seems an impossible task, but time will tell if willoughby is acting like a teenager by the time he's five I'm moving to the shed!

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