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Friday, January 13, 2012

Fireworks ? what fireworks?

How funny, just had to share this with you, Willoughby was happily playing birdies flapping his wings while instructing me with a smile to flap my boobies- where on earth do there get these ideas from?, its certainly not Mr tumble or at least I hope not, I was busy hoovering, hand and knees job with Henry the hoover getting stuck around objects and instead of moving it I try and drag it along even though I know i'll have to eventually have to move it anyway!  when I look up and turn a very overindulged Henry off, I realize Willoughby Mr precious little flower is hiding, Saying "I a bit worried," a phrase commonly used in his little world! I ask "why?" "fireworks mummy up there" pointing with look of fear up at the ceiling that I can just about see through the dust fairies , There's no fireworks sweetie, " yes Mummy lights up there" I look confused, he continues to look worried insistent that the fireworks are there, After a little while of simple investigation I soon realise that the lovely hat that willoughby had convinced me to wear while hoovering displayed a lovely array of gold sequins on was making a pretty light show on the ceiling hahahahaha oh those lights and we both had a giggle!

Some rather glitzy pics we took of each other in the "Firework hat"


  1. Lmao that he had you hoovering in gold sequins!

    Mich x

  2. Hahaha i know such control and. Im such a reserved mummy normally; -)

  3. It's making me wonder whether there was a suitably spangly dress to go with! Lol!

    We have some 'disco ball' style baubles and my son was pointing at the ceiling one day over Christmas saying "lights". I then realised the sunlight was boucing off one of these baubles just like a mirrorball. We had great fun spinning it round and looking at the "lights" spin!

    1. ooooh yes I have the perdect dress to match wore it on christmas day hahahahah

      Its a lovely thing but so simple, we have one of those glass jewels that hang in the window in my bedroom that does the same thing, like little fairies skipping around the room . xxx