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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anxiety what anxiety?

Today I'm smiling but that's hasn't always been the case for many years I've suffered with Anxiety, to the point when I lost who I was, couldn't leave the house and didn't want to be left, all of this while being the mother of four young sons, tough! Sometimes before it got bad, only really me and husband realised it exsisted, everyone would say " you?, Shelley but you're so confident and happy but inside I lived A life consumed by fear. but this where I am today-

I went for a walk today simple but immense
remembering when I was in a cage behind a fearful fence
you can not imagine how the colours illuminated and shone
on the walk i was nolonger afraid to be on
feeling excited free and wanting to run
spin in a circle or with a child who wanted to be spun
happy to be here in a world I never use to see
trapped in a world of fear and anxiety
nothing could keep me tucked away inside
I'm in it for good and plan to enjoy the ride xxx

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